Waterdeep: Dragon Heist Vignettes

In Summer of 2019 through Spring 2020, I participated as a Player Character in a D&D campaign. The other players and I spent almost a year playing through the official Wizard’s of the Coast adventure, Waterdeep: Dragon Heist. It was an adventure of mystery, intrigue, shifting loyalties, and a race to claim a hoard of embezzled gold.

During the course of the adventure, I would occasionally get inspired to write a vignette (a short, short story) to explore a moment that occurred in the adventure. For the most part, the vignettes did not actually happen in the adventure, but are moments that directly proceeded or followed an event that did happen. Writing these vignettes helped me explore and deepen the character I was playing (Jaina, a human rogue) and gain a better understanding of the other Player Characters in the story.

The adventure was wonderfully Dungeon Mastered by my good friend and co-worker, James. I had the pleasure of experiencing this adventure with a talented and eclectic group of adventurers:

  • My’ra, a half-orc druid played by Audrey
  • Squid, a Tabaxi ranger played by Jason
  • Findol, a half-elf (high) cleric played by Steve
  • Din, a half-elf (Drow) wizard played by Bill


Vignette #1 – The Pleasant Cemetery

Vignette #2 – The Game

Vignette #3 – Ones Own Goals

Vignette #4 – Blue Alley Respite