Promptober 2020: Day #27


Write a handful of six-word stories about insects.

Source: Modification of the following: r/thedailyprompt

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# of Words90
# of Drafts2


Unexpected crawling. Shouting. Flailing. Fuck bugs!

Spiders are vampires. Shoes are stakes.

I crawl. I eat. I metamorph.

Starving in woods. Bugs it is.

Fly swatted away. New drink ordered.

Male praying mantis life expectancy: once.

Ladybug—cute! California beetle—ew! Squish.

Ants: Nature’s most beloved genocidal monsters.

Move pillow. Black widow skitters away.

Fly majestically along open roads—splat!

Save the rabbits! Fuck fruit flies.

Stare at backup camera—heart attack.

Spider outside. Working from home today.

Ant farm: actual Star Trek episode.

Bugs boning. Scram you giant perv!

Promptober 2020: Day #24


Dramatize a defining moment in the backstory of one of your D&D characters.

Source: Me

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# of Words2839
# of Drafts1

Story Summary

Verseth loses another fight to the kids in the Community, and her Tent Guardians attempt to help her understand why using brute strength does not work for her.