Story Sketchbook

The story sketchbook is where I post the stories that are the writer’s equivalent of sketches—rough, unrefined, and even grotesque at times—and each one invaluable in my growth as a storyteller and writer. The first stories I ever wrote are published here.



Writer’s Digest’s February Flash Fiction Challenge
A Beautiful Day on the Road to YattoFlash Fiction: DeliciousFlash Fiction: UNTITLED
Flash Fiction: YouFlash Fiction: Love after DeathFlash Fiction: Encrypted Meaning
Flash Fiction: Art is not a Job. Or is it?Flash Fiction: Nentev IVFlash Fiction: An Important Lesson
Flash Fiction: The Weaver QueenFlash Fiction: Grandpa’s HolidayFlash Fiction: Bad Memory Spaghetti
Flash Fiction: UNTITLEDFlash Fiction: Just FriendsFlash Fiction: UNTITLED
Flash Fiction: The MomentFlash Fiction: How To GM Your First D&D SessionFlash Fiction: Looking for Adventuring Party: Dwarf Fighter/Cook
Flash Fiction: TraditionFlash Fiction: Peace or War?Flash Fiction: Friendship-Poor
Flash Fiction: Neighborly Post-ItsFlash Fiction: FlashFlash Fiction: A Minor Rumor
Flash Fiction: Grandpa’s ThermosFlash Fiction: SneakersFlash Fiction: The Red Flea
Flash Fiction: Haggling



WARNING: These are the first stories I ever wrote so they are going to be arduous reads for most people, readers and writers alike. Proceed with caution and low expectations. See 2019 Writings for more information.

Ride Towards the Story

General/Literary; about 3300 words; August – October.

Independence of Mars #3: Coup d’etat

Science Fiction; about 7400 words; April – June.

Summer of Competition

General/Literary; about 3200 words; February.

The Monotony of Science

Science Fiction; about 5900 words; December 2018 – January 2019.

Independence of Mars #1: The Summit

Science Fiction; about 5200 words; August 2018 – October 2018.

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