Free Fiction

This storage unit is filled with an eclectic array of my fiction writings—short stories, exercises and experiments, fan-fiction, and whatever else I thought would be fun to self-publish here, the good and bad.


The Cyber-Library is where I publish the stories I am very proud of. These stories tend to be more refined, critiqued multiple times over, and have something to say or an interesting idea to explore. These are the stories I attempted to find a home for with official publications, but could not quite find the right fit for. These stories spent their time in the trenches and I feel they deserve a place of honor here at the Cybernook.

Story Sketchbook

The story sketchbook is where I post the stories that are the writer’s equivalent of sketches—rough, unrefined, grotesque at times. And each one was invaluable in my growth as a storyteller and writer. The first stories I ever wrote at published here.

D&D Stories

These are stories born from my love of the table-top role-playing game, Dungeons and Dragons (D&D).