The Cyber-Library is where I publish the stories I am particularly proud of. These stories tend to be more refined, critiqued multiple times over, and have something to say or an interesting idea to explore. Some of them are stories I attempted to find a home for with official publications, but could not quite find the right fit for or the stories just weren’t at the level of quality the publications were looking for. These stories spent their time in the trenches, and I feel they deserve a place of honor here at the Cybernook.



Yearly Halloween Story #1: Her Little Zombie Girl


Diablo 2: Resurrected Flash-Fan-Fiction Anthology

A Beautiful Day on the Road to Yatto


Sisters Sunrise: A “The Dragon Prince” Fan Story

D&D Art Vignette 1: Apples

Precious Cargo


Where Were You When You Learned Aliens Were Real?


StarCrafts Comic: Zergling Fetch


Finished pieces of non-fiction will be listed here . . .

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