Mass Effect 5e: Paara Station

This page is home to the Mass Effect 5e mission: Paara Station. Here you will find information on the adventure, documentation of the house rules we will use, and other useful (hopefully) information.

Server Info

Server Name: Paara Station

Password: Swarly2018$

Mass Effect Lore

(From Mass Effect 1) In the year 2148, explorers on Mars discovered the remains of an ancient spacefaring civilization. In the decades that followed, these mysterious artifacts revealed startling new technologies, enabling travel to the furthest stars. The basis for this incredible technology was a force that controlled the very fabric of space and time.

They called it the greatest discovery in human history.

The civilizations of the galaxy call it… MASS EFFECT.

During the time our ME 5e mission takes place, only the Human and Asari Arks have been accounted for. The whereabouts or state of the Turian and Salarian Arks are still unknown. The Nexus (home base and space station of the Initiative) arrived in the Andromeda galaxy a year before the other Arks did. During that year, thanks to the Scourge and Kett, things went poorly on the Nexus. A revolt occurred which culminated in the dissidents being banished from the Nexus and the Initiative. 

Mission Notes

This D&D adventure is using the Mass Effect 5e rulset (found here) created by Luke Aeschleman and Hugh Thompson.

Character Sheets

Player Characters

  • Players will need to make a 3rd level character.
  • There are no class restrictions.
  • Hit Point Type: Fixed
  • Ability Scores: Point Buy
    • You can use a blank character in D&D Beyond to do the math for you.
    • OR you can use the 5e Point Buy Calculator website.
  • By choice or circumstance, you are a member of an APEX fireteam. I leave the specifics up to you.

Playable Species

  • Angara
  • Asari
  • Human
  • Krogan
  • Salarian
  • Turian

* We are playing a mission set in the Andromeda Galaxy, so we are limited to to the species that arrived on the first set of Arks.

** Talk to me if you want to play one of the unlisted species and we’ll work it out.

*** Information on these species can be found in the Player’s Manual and here.

Starting Equipment

  • 3 Exchange Tickets
    • These Exchange Tickets are used when you are creating your character to “buy” equipment, specifically weapons, armor, and explosives. Items you can purchase have a cost, LOW or HIGH, associated with them.
    • You have . . .
      • 2 LOW tickets (trade for an item that has a cost of LOW)
      • 1 HIGH tickets (trade for an item that has a cost of HIGH)
  • At least one weapon
    • Common weapons are considered a LOW cost item
    • Uncommon weapons are considered a HIGH cost item
    • Anything above Uncommon is off limits.
  • X grenades/mines where X equals your armor’s grenade slot number
    • Only choose from the following: Flashbang Grenade, Frag Grenade, Proximity Mine, Smoke Grenade
  • 2 Standard Medi-gels
  • 1 hour of oxygen
  • 9 meters (30ft) of tethering cable (this is not an item in the Player’s Manual)
  • Maneuvering Thrusters (3 uses)
Simplified Armor List

They made armor in Mass Effect 5e a bit more complicated than it is in D&D 5e. To simplify things a bit, I have put together a simplified list of armor for you to choose from that is very similiar to what you are used to in D&D 5e.

NameACShield Points (Regen)StrStealthGrenade SlotsMod SlotsCost
Maverick11 + Dex Modifier 5 (5)12LOW
Mantis11 + Dex Modifier (max 2) 10 (5)21LOW
Kuwashii 12 + Dex Modifier 5 (5)11LOW
NameACShield Points (Regen)StrStealthGrenade SlotsMod SlotsCost
Survivor12 + Dex Modifier (max 2)5 (5)23LOW
Initiative13 + Dex Modifier (max 2)10 (5)22LOW
Angaran14 + Dex Modifier (max 2)15 (5)Disadvantage21HIGH
Ajax14 + Dex Modifier (max 2)10 (10)22HIGH
N715 + Dex Modifier (max 2)10 (5)Disadvantage32HIGH
NameACShield Points (Regen)StrStealthGrenade SlotsMod SlotsCost
Terminus14 10 (5)Disadvantage23LOW
HyperGuardian165 (5)13Disadvantage22LOW
Assault1710 (5)15Disadvantage31HIGH
Colossus1810 (5)15Disadvantage21HIGH

House Rules

  • Foregoing Primers and Detonator spell mechanic 
  • Not going to worry about weapon heat 
  • Resting 
    • Short Rest: 15 minutes 
    • Long Rest: 1 hour (60 minutes) 


2 meters is equivalent to 5 feet. This not a house rule but a rule from ME 5e. However, I thought it might be good to reiterate this conversion factor.