Promptober 2020: Day #9


Write a one-sentence story.

Source: r/thedailyprompt


Gravball carrying the package, Jerome leapt up the stairs two-by-two, at one point springing over a sunbathing tabby, approaching his destination as the seconds ticked closer and closer to zero—he was down to the wire thanks to two collapsed wormholes, a rogue asteroid, and a whullgill migration—until he finally reached the top landing, using the last of his dwindling energy to rush to the door, place the package on the neon “Home Planet is where the Heart Is” welcome mat, smash the doorbell, and with only two seconds left to go on next Galactic Standard day delivery, he scanned the package and took a picture.

Story Stats

# of Words103
# of Drafts4
GenreScience Fiction

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