Ray Bradbury 52-Week Writing Challenge – Week 17

Challenge Overview

The seventeenth of fifty-two short stories completed! 

I was a bit all over the place this week: preparing for the final encounter of a 2+ year-long D&D campaign, revising an outline for a science fiction short story, and beginning to draft said story. However, the length of the story is going to be probably around 7,000 words, and I ran out of time this week to finish it (I’m around the 4,000-word mark and halfway through the narrative). So, that is going to be my story for next week. So what about this week?

This week I popped out a quick 681-word piece of flash fiction. It’s a science fiction story along the veins of the D&D class stories I’ve been doing, but this time for the Mass Effect franchise. It is a story about an Asair woman using her biotic powers to help save survivors of a crashed spaceship. It was a fun piece to write, and it turned out all right for coming up with it at the last minute and banging it out if forty-five minutes.

Onto the next story!