Ray Bradbury 52-Week Writing Challenge – Week 22

Challenge Overview

The twenty-second of fifty-two short stories completed! 

Well, I still didn’t end up finishing the fantasy mystery novelette I started the previous week. I realized that the lack of a defined emotional story and what turned out to be a bland protagonist made it difficult to find joy in writing. Also, I’ve realized I am burnt out on drafting after writing first drafts for over twenty stories in a row. I’ve done next to no revision in the last five months. Only drafting, which is the most mentally taxing part of writing for me.

However, I finished out the D&D campaign I’ve been DMing for over two years with an epilogue session where I brought the story to a close. Part of the session involved having the Player Characters roll percentile dice to determine what Non-Player Character allies they’ve meant along the way survived the battle with a mechanical dragon. Some NPCs survived while others perished. Afterwards, I was inspired to dramatize some of these results. So this week I wrote a 3,501-word fantasy short story about two of the NPCs important Sorla’s–one of the PCs–character arc journey: Arla and Vellynne. It was enjoyable to write, and I was actually excited to work on it. I look forward to revising it in the future and presenting it to my players.

Onto the next story!