Welcome to the Cybernook!

Hello, my name is Ken and welcome to the Cybernook! The Cybernook is the virtual space where I publish much of my writing—fiction, non-fiction, fan-fiction, good, bad, and non-publishable.

As of this post, I have been writing fiction for about fourteen months, primarily short fiction, and it has become my main hobby (Sorry video games. You had a good run.). So far it has been an absolute blast deep-diving into the craft of storytelling—premise, characters, plot, setting, conflict, theme—and the craft of writing—outlining, drafting, revision, prose, paragraphs, sentences, words. 2019 was my first year of writing and during that year I wrote a small handful of short stories. Through writing those short stories I began learning the fundamentals of storytelling using prose, and I was able to begin developing my writing process.

Toward the end of 2019, I started pondering the idea of creating a website where I could post my writings and get them into the world, regardless of how good or bad those writings were or how (un)publishable they are considered. Creating a website with a blogging component would also give me a wonderful opportunity to begin exploring non-fiction writing. I am also a firm believer that in this day and age anyone interested in creating and sharing their creations should have their own little corner of the Internet to call their own, a place where they have near-complete control and freedom to make that little corner anything they want it to be. 

And so, here we are, the Cybernook. My little corner of the Internet.

At the moment, the Cybernook is still trying to figure out its identity. The Cybernook’s self-aware command and control artificial intelligence, ADAI (Adaptable Defensive Artificial Intelligence), has its machine learning algorithms hard at work figuring out what the theme, look-and-feel, and structure of the website will be as we move into the future that is 2020. As such, you can expect the Cybernook to change occasionally. Some changes may be innocuous and you might never know they happened. Other changes might be so extensive you will not be able to help but notice them (and potentially be aggravated by them . . . I apologize ahead of time). ADAI is also responsible for keeping the Cybernook safe from external threats that lurk on the Internet—viruses, malware, botnets, and trolls.

The Home page is where you will find anything deemed worthy enough to be front and center when you first come to the site. This will include any announcements and stickied blog posts.

The About section is where you can learn more about me as a human. This section also contains my 20XX writing summaries. These pages are where I provide some information about those years of writing—goals, on-going progress, challenges, and end of year post-mortems.

The Online Stories section of the website is where I post my fiction writing. This is the section for the website where you can the first stories I ever wrote (spoiler alert! they’re kinda terrible). However, as time progresses the stories get better and better, little by little, story by story. You can see my progress as a writer and storyteller through these stories. You can also find short pieces of fiction that functioned as exercises for me, such as my D&D Vignettes. This is also the section of the website where I will post my fan-fiction whenever that urges strikes me.

Next up, we have the Published Works section of the website. This section is currently, well . . . empty. For now! I have high hopes that one day at least one story, short fiction or long fiction or non-fiction, will be listed here.

Finally, there is the Sidebar. The Sidebar contains an eclectic assortment of widgets. The usefulness of these widgets are . . . questionable. This is another section of the Cybernook that is under construction.

And there you have it, dear reader. My first blog post welcoming you to the Cybernook. I hope you enjoy your time here. Thank you for stopping by and please come again soon!




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