New Story! D&D Art Vignette: Apples

I have posted a new short story to the Cybernook! It is a piece of fan-fiction inspired by an illustration from the official Wizards of the Coast adventure book Storm King’s Thunder.

To provide a bit of context, I wrote this story as an exercise. The exercise was to take a well-known story, such as a fairy tale, and twist the story in some way to make it different, such as by changing the POV character, a plot detail, a character’s motivation, etc., and see what you can come up with. I ended up using a D&D illustration instead of a fairy tale. I studied the illustration and tried to determine what the intended narrative the artist was going for. I then took that narrative and twisted it to create something new, and hopefully a little unexpected and fun.

I hope you enjoy, “D&D Art Vignette: Apples”.

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