Ray Bradbury 52-Week Writing Challenge – Week 20

Challenge Overview

The twentieth of fifty-two short stories completed! 

This week ended up being a break week, mostly. With the climax of my D&D game taking place last Sunday, work still very busy, and keeping up the one new story a week, the last four months caught up to me this week and the result was a lack of desire to write and a feeling of needing some space from it actually. So, while I did write up the story area for a new short story–probably around six to eight thousand words, I ended up writing a quick 388-word piece of flash fiction for this week’s story. Unlike all the other stories from this challenge which fall into the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres, this flash fiction is a literary piece. It’s been a while since I wrote such a story and it was a nice change of pace.

With the conclusion of the twenty-nine month-long D&D campaign happening next Sunday, the following week’s story will also be a flash fiction piece. Once D&D has concluded, my plan is to get back to writing longer short stories.

Onto the next story!

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