Ray Bradbury 52-Week Writing Challenge – Week 21

Challenge Overview

The twenty-first of fifty-two short stories completed! 

I got about a third of the way through this week’s intended story–roughly 4,500 words–before I realized three things: one, I’ve lost interest in it to the point it has become a grind to write it; two, I’m still going to finish it because there is value in finishing things; and three, given the novelette length of the story and the grinding slog it is taking to write it, I’m not going to finish it this week.

So, I wrote another flash fiction piece. It is 815 words and inspired by the following image I saw on Twitter a while back: LINK. When I saw the image, the bit of dialog that came to me was, “What creatures of dull curiosity have you brought me this time.” I then discovery wrote the story from there. I’m not sure what I think about the story, but it fulfills its purpose as this weeks story.

Onto the next story!

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